Night Moves Packs First Avenue For A Night Of Local Music Bliss


After getting this weekend completely off from live music due to a bit of a hiccup in a previous engagement, I honestly thought about trying to go the entire weekend without a live show and writing a post about how it made me feel and what effect it had on me. Sadly, I will never know what it’s like to go an entire weekend without a show because, naturally, I found myself at First Avenue on Saturday night with my friend and the sweet sound and vibe of live music around me.

Kicking the night off was the always lovely Sam Cassidy. I’ve seen this guy perform more times than I can count and typically it’s just a solo performance (which is truly stunning) but last night he took the stage with an entire band and instantly swept me off my feet. It’s not that I wouldn’t have loved to see him perform solo but I honestly wasn’t in the mood for a calming set so seeing the band behind him was a pleasant and welcomed surprise. Although he was with a group, there was no stopping his voice from stealing the spotlight. Smooth, calm and collected, it was clear that his music was exactly what the quickly growing audience needed. From the proud parents standing next to us to the excited group of guys wearing British flags around them, everyone was clearly just having a great time and I think that was all due to the vibe that Sam Cassidy was putting out there. Although he was on stage for nearly forty-five minutes, his set seemed to fly by and before I knew it, he was introducing the rest of his talented band and leaving the stage to make room for the other two acts of the night. Sam Cassidy will continue to be one of my favorite local musicians and for good reason. A truly talented man with a bright soul and even brighter smile, I can’t wait for him to continue taking over the local scene.

One of the best things about last night’s show was the fact that it was all local and a true showcase of some of the best locals we have in the scene. Lady Lark took the stage to a well deserved roar of applause and instantly whisked the packed audience into a world where there is no shame in dancing and where the music has a way of moving you without your consent. Lady Lark is one of those acts that I’ve caught multiple times now yet never get sick of seeing live. Much like Sam Cassidy, Lady Lark has something about her that just screams fun and love. Full of funky grooves and even a surprise visit from the one and only Har Mar Superstar, her set flew by as fast as Sam’s did leaving me wanting so much more. Funk music isn’t typically my thing but the way she and her band present it makes everyone fall in love instantly. Lady Lark is one of those singers that has a voice of an angel, a heart of gold and an energy that is irresistible.  

Closing out the already fantastic night of music were the hometown heroes- Night Moves. Night Moves is one of those bands that I’ve always heard about but, for some reason, have never been able to catch live. Last night was finally my chance and I honestly can’t believe I’ve been sleeping on this band for so long. There’s something very carefree and whimsical about this band and their somewhat low key live show but there’s also something inexplicably powerful and energetic about it. Taking elements from all over the pop spectrum of thing and mashing them together to create something truly one of a kind, Night Moves’ sound is definitely something different yet something so familiar. Although there are no high jumps to report or any moshing happening in the crowd, every member of this group emitted a sense of energy that I fail to put into words.

Their ten song set followed by two song encore had the crowd partying as if it wasn’t approaching midnight. The entire set was filled with original songs which solidifies this band’s genius. So many band will try to throw a cover in their set as if to entice audience members that may have been dragged to the show but not Night Moves. They have a sense of confidence in their music that is well deserved. Although every song was clearly theirs, every song had a different vibe. Whether it was the type of song that made you want to be laying on the beach with a drink in hand or a song that made you just want to close your eyes and get lost in the many layers from the band, every single song made you feel something beautiful. 

Last night’s show was a bit of a kick for for Night Moves as they travel down to Texas for a couple of tour dates and then onto the UK, Germany and France for some dates in October. There are a million bands that would kill for the opportunity to tour internationally like these guys are doing but not many bands that are worthy of such a thing. Night Moves is definitely worthy of it and I am so proud of the way they are representing the beautiful music scene here in the Twin Cities.