New Politics – Go 96.3’s Go Show 1


Turns out Viking Raiders are not the only thing coming out of Denmark that makes girls scream. Copenhagen band “New Politics” took part in Go 96.3 FMs Go Party 1. The event was well organized, Aria is a beautiful venue, sound was good and the lights were great.

New Politics took the stage and from the first cords of “Perfect” their energy took the crowd by storm. Since the audience was determined by radio station contest rather than being fans who bought tickets, that was not a given. Singer David Boyd and guitarist Søren Hansen took advantage of a couple small podiums and drummer Louis Vecchio spend quite a bit of time standing up to compensate for a low stage.

Boyd showed of his break dancing skills in a couple of numbers. Hansen prowled the stage taking advantage the space and lights. Boyd performed “Fall into these arms” standing above the audience supported by his fans. Closing with their biggest single “Harlem”, New Politics left the audience wanting more and for me provided the highlight of the evening.

Set List:



Give me hope


Die together




Goobye Copenhagen

Just like me

Everywher I go

Yeah yeah yeah

Fall into these arms


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