My Lonely Life At The Soundboard – The Tallest Man on Earth


I’ll admit… I was kind of bummed walking into the Palace Theater on Friday night.  With the excitement building over the previous weeks of getting to see The Tallest Man on Earth on the other side of the barricades- where the “general” public cannot go.  Being that close to any artist is exhilarating, and it had been something I was looking forward to.  With my Photo Badge proudly displayed on my sleeve, and my trusty Nikon at the ready, it was to my dismay to see…. chairs….. there were chairs everywhere.  In a panic, I asked the Bartender, I asked the Security Guard, “What is going on?!”  Then they broke the news.  This would be the rare “sitting concert”.  And I could not go up to the stage as to not block anyone’s view.  Tonight, one of the greatest concerts of my life, I would be living the lonely life at the soundboard.

As part of his current tour promoting the latest album, I Love You.  It’s a Fever Dream., Tallest Man on Earth stopped by the Palace Theater on Friday, May 3rd.  If you are one of the rare folks who haven’t heard him before, be sure to listen to one of his best, “The Gardener” before you go on reading this.  Kristian Matsson, the Swedish Folk Singer’s birth name, has been gracing the airwaves with his tunes since around 2006.  His music is incredibly poetic and reminiscent of Dylan. 

Beyond the cheeky intro, I absolutely loved this concert.  The Tallest Man on Earth astounded me, filling up every inch of the Palace with sound with only his guitar and beautiful voice.  I have never experienced a concert venue so quite and engaged.  He definitely has the ability to connect with an audience and keep their attention throughout an evening, which is truly special.  Kristian actually live-streamed the concert and gave a shout-out to his parents in Swedish. 

With songs from older albums and his newest album, I felt that he brought something new each time he strummed his guitar, or played the piano.  I cannot say enough great things about Tallest Man on Earth so I will leave it at, please go and listen!