My Favorite Sets Of 2019 – Timothy Olson


Timothy Olson Fav 5 Sets of 2019

 #5:  Boys II Men

Boys II Men still hold the RnB soul and play with all the passion that keeps the crowds energized.  The perform because the want to be on stage in front of all their fans!

#4: Doobie Brothers

Great band playing all the hits – great live band showcasing a lot of talent through the years!

#3:  Chicago

Seeing live of one of my favorite bands from growing up while capturing great pics – awesome!  Can’t beat their horn section!

#2:  Garth Brooks

Garth has so much energy and passion!  Hit after hit after hit song while keeping all fans engaged through the whole concert!

#1:  Santana

Legendary guitar player – can’t say much more about this concert as it was amazing!