My Favorite Sets Of 2018 – Emily Hoffmann


2018 has been a year full of firsts for me, both in life and in music. I joined the Twin Cities Media team in February and never thought I’d find myself at some of the most amazing shows to pass through the Twin Cities. Picking my favorite performances was a lot harder than I expected.

4-SOFI TUKKER at the Fine Line

When I found myself at the Fine Line on this assignment I honestly had no clue who SOFI TUKKER was. What I found there was what I least expected. Not only were the duo electric on stage but the fan base was incredible. I spent the half hour I waited for the openers to take stage, talking to the people around me. Everyone was so interesting and engaged with one another.

3-Frank Turner at the Myth                 

Once again this was another artist I knew nothing about. I somehow found myself at the barricade with my first college roommate, who had called with last minutes with tickets. Frank was high intensity with no slowdown from start to finish. Not only can the man sing but he knows his way around a guitar.

2-Betty Who at the Fine Line

This Australian singer pulls out all of the stops for every one of her performances. With back up dancers, light and an immersive band, no stage is too small for Betty Who. I’m attached to this performance as it was one of the very first live shows I shot on my own.

1-Haley Kiyoko

This was one my most anticipated shows of this year. Haley Kiyoko is a triple treat: singer, dancer and actress. She pours out a message of acceptance, positivity and self-love. With the kind of message she spreads it’s no wonder she has a massive fan base that spread that message.