My Favorite Sets of 2018 – Christian Rasmussen


So, full disclosure: I did not go to that many shows this past year. Between finishing up school and moving to Minneapolis, it just didn’t get done. Sorry, my bad. 2019 will be better, I promise.
That being said, here are the three (3) best shows that I attended this last year (in no particular order):

1. Gabriel Garzón-Montano
As an opener for Kali Uchis at First Ave., Garzón-Montano wowed the crowd with an incredible display of songwriting, stage presence and masterful skill at several instruments. His music and stage presence reminded me of Prince, and since I’ll never get to see him live, this might be as close as I get!


2. Booker T. Jones
I had to put this in the top 3 because I mean, come on! A legend. An incredible show with a phenomenal band, this one was a bucket list show for sure. Also, if you for some reason have yet to go to The Dakota… go!

I did not have much knowledge of the “worlds greatest boy band”, but the show (held at the Armory) was so energetic and visually stimulating that I started listening to them quite a bit. It’s transcends the familiar archetype of the “boy band” into something modern, accessible and inclusive.

Ashlan Grey//Billboard 2018