MUSIC PREVIEW: Death Metal’s Vredehammer Ready to Unleash ‘Violator’ on March 18th


Since the founding of the band in 2009 by front man Per Valla,  Vredehammer have smashed their way through the ranks of the black metal scene with increasing speed and ferocity.


Gaining  much notoriety and respect in the Norwegian metal world with their Norwegian Spellemann Grammy nominated first album Vinteroffer, Vredehammer looks to continue their impressive music career with their newest album, Violator.

violator album cover

The album has been noted by Per Valla to be bands best work to date. The album is set to drop March 18, 2016. Having toured with veteran black metal bands such as Satyricon, Vreid and Keep Of Kalessin, Vredehammer have proven themselves worthy of being considered one of the elites of great Norwegian Black Metal.

Violator will be a 7 song album that includes:

1. Light The Fucking Sky
2. Spawn Tyrant
3. Violator
4. Deadfall
5. Ursus
6. Cyclone
7. Blodhevn