MUNA’s So Solid at Dazzling Palace Theatre Performance


When I was on my way home from work to grab a quick bite before heading into downtown, I could barely contain my excitement for what was one of my personal most anticipated shows of 2023. In between opening slots for the one and only Taylor Swift, pop trio MUNA fit in a slew of headlining shows, including a stop at the Palace Theatre in St. Paul. I was seemingly navigating my way through fans for the other big show in town on my walk over to the Palace (legend Shania Twain at the Xcel) and was just as exited as the fans tricking in for the night ahead.

Nova Twins, the only opener of the night, took the stage to an eager crowd after a slight technical delay. I’ve said it many times before but it still holds true: one of my favorite ways to experience new music first is in a live setting, tonight was no different for Nova Twins. I can personally say I was very pleasantly surprised with Nova Twins; their sound was not what I expected in the best way. Blasting heavy bass, guitar riffs, and funky bass lines (with so many great effects), the duo commanded the stage and only kept kicking their energy up a level with every song.  It pained me to learn they are from the U.K.; I was already mentally thinking about when I can catch them on a proper headliner. Nova Twins’ set flew by with one banger after the next, and all too soon one of the best openers I have seen trotted off the stage.

To say the crowd was excited for the headliners of the evening is an understatement. The packed crowd at The Palace went into a frenzy as the opening notes of “What I Want” echoed through the venue and the trio sauntered on stage.  Form there on out the queer joy was front and center through the band’s massive 19 song set that highlighted every part of their discography. As the set was rolling and hitting a lot of my personal favorites up front (including “Solid” and “Runner’s High”), the band stopped to talk to the crowd right before they played “Loose Garment” to give the spotlight to a fan in the crowd that had a special request. The queer joy was fully alive in the crowd at the Palace, as this fan proposed to their boyfriend in front of the packed house to an eruption of cheers and applause. What is special about a MUNA show is that it really is an experience for fans and the band to really be themselves and it shows during their set. Each member of the band was on stage thoroughly  enjoying every single moment, creating a space for everyone to be free to be themselves and get lost in the music. MUNA has had the tagline of the greatest band in the world for a while and with the shows they put on and the community they foster it is really tough to argue against it. Even though it was a good chunk of the crowd’s first time seeing them live, like me, many of not all, walked away aching for the next opportunity to catch MUNA live again.