Mt. Joy plays a sold out show at the Varsity theater


A rainy Saturday night didn’t deter people from heading out in the cold to see Los Angeles based band Mt. Joy.. The crowd filled the venue to hear the band who are known for hits off their debut self titled album. In Minneapolis over a year and a half prior, the band made strides  from playing 7th street entry to their sold out show tonight at the Varsity Theater. The crowd appeared relaxed and happy in the venue, ready to let the smooth sounds of the band take over their evening. 


Before the main act took the stage, Los Angeles based band Wilderado played for the crowd. Their indie-folk sounds complement those of Mt. Joy, making for an opener that many people in the crowd already knew and enjoyed. The band most recently released the single Surefire, which was named one of the “5 Songs You Need to Hear Right Now” by Sirius XM”s Spectrum- an adult album rock channel. The band’s energy picked up throughout the set and helped the crowd prepare for the main act. 

Mt. Joy was greeted by a full house when they took the stage. Opening with their song Sheep, the band moved through the set with hits like Astrovan and Silver Lining. The band mashed up their song Julia with Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers and Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz.

Towards the end of the set lead singer, Matt Quinn thanked everyone for coming out and reminisced on their last show in Minneapolis – which took place in the midst of a snow storm. Not unlike this show, the Minnesota weather was a main topic of conversation and Quinn said he enjoyed waking up to the light snowfall outside his window rather than a full on tundra that is Minnesota. 

The band and their indie rock music left the crowd feeling warm on this cold October night. Fans will surely be awaiting Mt. Joy’s return to the Twin Cities – hopefully during a warmer time of year.