MS MR with Jack Garratt and VÉRITÉ at the Varsity Theater 10/15/2015


New York duo Ms Mr returned to Minneapolis a few months after performing at GoFest 15 for a more intimate show at the Varsity Theater with two strong support acts.

The Brooklyn, NY singer has been in bands since she was 13 and was named “Artists to watch” by several publications. With a couple of EPs released, she has been performing at Lollapalooza and Firefly. On her last date supporting Ms Mr this was her first time in Minneapolis.
Her impressive vocals and stage presence won over the light crowd that are an opening acts challenge. Her setup included dual microphones which she would switch during songs to change her voice effects. By the end of her set the crowd was fully engaged, dancing and having a good time. Checking out her material online left me even more impressed. I have the feeling we will be seeing a lot more from VÉRITÉ.
Check her out on Soundcloud and on her Website

Jack Garratt
For those who associate the term “One Man Band” with a street performer strapped with a drum on his back, guitar, harmonica and cymbals all connected by strings, British artist Jack Garratt will be a modern, pleasant surprise. After releasing several EPs, his debut full length album “Phase” is due out in February 2016 but he has already opened for Mumford and Sons and performed at major festivals.
His music roots in R&B and is at times quit soulful and his personality is enough for a full band. His stage lighting is spectacular changing and enhancing his performance.
To hear Jack, look at this Soundcloud and Website
Set List:
Synesthesia Part 1
The Love you are given

Composed of singer Lizzy Plapinger (MS) and producer Max Hershenow (MR) the duo released their second full length album “How does it feel” a couple of months ago. Their songs have earned them a worldwide following and their tour is headed for Europe in the next weeks.
Their set included a mix of new and classic material and we well received by their fans. Plapinger commands the stage with her dance moves, hand gestures and hair flips occasionally drawing out Hershenow from behind his keyboard to show that he’s no slouch in the slick moves department either. I enjoyed their mix of vocals and synths and the light nature of their songs which makes them great to dance to.

Set List:
Fantasy Girls
No Guilt in Pleasure
Salty Sweet
Think of You
How Does It Feel
Wrong Victory
Dark Doo Wop
Leave Me Alone