Mr Little Jeans at the Entry


LA’s Mr Little Jeans is actually a woman from Norway………Mind blown…….. whose tour brought her to First Avenue’s Entry last Friday.

The first of 3 acts was Eau Claire, WI’s Slosylove the stage persona of Feng Meng Vue. His set up of synths was quite interesting as was his music. Starting of with some simple beeps the sound evolved into a complex modern production with throwbacks.

TRACE released her debut EP “Low” in August. Her sound is a blend of pop and R&B and her set started with a chill intro. A new artist not known to many in the audience, the crowd was hanging back a bit – it’s not you TRACE, just Minnesota. Bit by bit she drew them out closer to the stage.

Her breakout song was a 2011 cover of Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs”. Right after her first song some douche in the Audience yelled out “Play Suburbs” rather letting it distract from her show, Monica Birkenes (the woman behind Mr Little Jeans) redirected it into conversation and set the tone for a set that was heavy on audience interaction. Her latest EP “Fevers” was released a few weeks ago. I enjoyed her set, it was light and danceable without being shallow.