Motherfolk And Coyote Kid Take To The Skyway Theater on 2/23/2020


Sundays are great for a variety of reasons: football, stocking up on groceries for the week, the thrill and adventure of “Sunday Scaries” – the list goes on, however, this coming Sunday in February is about to get folked up by Motherfolk and Coyote Kid as they take on a night at the Skyway Theater. Tickets are still available HERE

Coming out of the Midwest, two college boys named Nathan Dickerson and Bobby Paver formed a band we’ve come to know now as “Motherfolk.” Joined by Ethan Wescott (drums), Clayton Allender (bassist), and “insatiable” keyboardist Karlie Dickerson, the group has released two full length albums as well as not only four singles but also an LP on the way titled “Family Ghost.” Since 2013, this extremely unique and energetic indie band has been naturally gaining more and more attention with their impeccable sense of humor as well as uncanny ability to mix personality and stage presence with their catchy, curiously nostalgic sound. Whether it be their character or the music they produce, this is something you won’t want to miss.

Opening for Motherfolk will be Minneapolis based “aggressive story music” band Coyote Kid. Known for their large-scale concept albums that rely heavily on “narrative and cinematic elements” to create their music, they call for anyone that might be interested in hearing their hybrid sound/style that is considered to be that of “My Chemical Romance… with a spaghetti-western, Tarantino twist.” The group consists of Austin Durry (vocals and guitar), Cassandra Valentine (vocals and keyboard), Austin Wilder (bass and vocals), John Baumgartner (trombone), and last but surely not least Kian Dziak on the drums. Their debut album, “Thaumatrope,” was released in 2015 and since then the group has been aiming to take things to the next level. 

Don’t miss out on either of these fantastic artists, as their unique personalities and sounds will surely brew something many of us have never seen this February. In the meantime, check out a taste of what is to come: