Morrissey at the Fitzgerald Theater 7/13/2015


As Monday progressed in the Twin Cities the mood of Morrissey’s faithful rose with the temperatures. After 3 cancelled shows there was an air of doubt and disbelief. Hosts at the Current gave on air updates on trucks being unloaded and boxes being brought into the theater. As show time approached anxiety and fear turned into giddiness. It was really going to happen! Morrissey who recently sold out Madison Square Garden and forced it to go (mostly) vegan was going to play the 1.000 seat Fitzgerald.

There was no opening act but a montage of music and video of that influenced him over the years ranging from classic songs to German movie clips. Morrissey walked stage with his band and after a bow and stating. “We are the world” launched with “Suedehead” to the screams of his fans. Having learned a lesson from the 1993 concert where a show got stopped after fans rushed the stage, there was security on stage and sure enough someone tried almost immediately but was professionally “hugged” and moved.

Working his way through his sizable catalogue Morrissey leaned towards newer material from his current album “World Peace Is None of Your Business” but included enough of his hits and Smith songs to keep all but the most nostalgic fans happy. We are happy to report that his microphone swinging skills are still intact and no fans or band members were injured. His only preachy moment came during “Meat is Murder”. “If you want to save the planet, if you want to save yourself, if you want be compassionate, stop eating animals.” he told the crowd.

Overall Moz delivered a great show highlighting his voice and despite the hot and muggy day managed to keep his shirt on until the encore when he tossed it into the audience.

Set List:
Alma Matters
World Peace Is None of Your Business
Staircase at the University
Kiss Me a Lot
I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris
I Will See You in Far-Off Places
The Bullfighter Dies
Mama Lay Softly on the Riverbed
One of Our Own
Will Never Marry
Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before (Smiths)
Everyday Is Like Sunday
First of the Gang to Die
Meat Is Murder (Smiths)
Now My Heart Is Full
What She Said (Smiths)

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