Moon Taxi Rocks It Hard At The Fine Line Wednesday Night


Nashville based alt rockers Moon Taxi brought their “Put Em Up “ North American Headline Tour to the Fine Line Music Café on Wednesday night. They are out supporting the viral hit “Two High”. The five-piece band are road warriors, having hit some of the biggest festivals this summer, including Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza and Hangout. They formed in 2006, and in that time have garnered tons of rabid fans who packed the Fine Line Wednesday.

Supporting Moon Taxi on this tour are Too Many Zooz. Self described as “BrassHouse” music, these guys came up the hard way playing on gritty street corners and subway platforms in New York City. These guys were balls of fire on the stage. They exuded joy, and the joy was contagious. It was hopeless trying to stand still, as these guys had the crowd swinging hard. They have a real art for building up musical tension and releasing jubilant climaxes of sound.

The drums and sax formed the backbeat, creating extraordinarily buoyant rhythms and radical beats. They definitely worked the audience into a frenzy in anticipation of Moon Taxi.

Moon Taxi came on around 9:15 and promptly picked up where openers Too Many Zooz left off, launching into a billowing version of “Mercury”. Guitarist/vocalist Trever Terndrup seemed to play a lead during the entire song all the while not missing a beat with the lyrics. These guys rock hard, they are not your average jam band. That’s not to say that they didn’t jam, too. High energy songs “Who’s To Say? “and “Year Zero” both featured extended guitar and keyboard solos, allowing the band to explore sonic horizons.  The funky “Suspicious” flowed flawlessly into a magnificent cover of the Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams” (Are Made Of This) which Moon Taxi made their own. They slowed it down a bit with “River Water” that had a killer “Imagine” opening. A savage version of “Watchtower” followed. The crowd was filled with hardcore fans, singing every word to “Run Right Back”, “Two High” and the encore “All Day All Night”. There was so much energy in the audience that Trever mentioned it felt like a weekend, not a Wednesday night.

Moon Taxi are really one of those genre defying bands, displaying the deft musical chops of a band that has shared a lot of road time together. Elements of rock, Americana and even a little electronica coalesce into one bad ass American band.

Set List: Mercury – Change – Make Your Mind Up – Who’s To Say? – Not Too Late – Suspicious / Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)  – Year Zero – Young Journey – Morocco – Watchtower – Run Right Back – (Imagine) > River Water  – Moving To The City – Two High – Red Hot Lights

Encore: All Day All Night