Moon & Pollution at Triple Rock Social Club 5/27/2015


Moon & Pollution is the new electronic pop duo combining singer Molly Dean’s haunting, operatic vocals with producer Graham O’Brien’s (No Bird Sing) hard-hitting beats and rich, melodic textures. M&P debuted at the Bayfront Festival where Slug of Atmosphere asked them to play after hearing an unreleased track. Shortly thereafter, their song Alter Eagle was featured on the Season 4 premiere of MTV’s Teen Wolf. Moon & Pollution’s debut album “The Box Borealis” was released in January 2015.

Their show brought back memories of Portishead, Massive Attack and other bands of the 90s UK scene but M&P does not dwell in the past. O’Brien’s beats drive the songs and Dean’s vocals reach out to charm the audience. Adding a couple of musicians for their live lineup enriched their sound and sets them apart from other electronic bands. While there is distinctive Moon & Pollution sound persistent throughout their music, each song has it’s own personality. Molly Dean’s shows great stage presence even though the lights at the Triple Rock did not do the band any favors.

Listening to their album afterwards made me appreciate their songs even more. I for one am looking forward to see more of them.

Set List:
Moving Scene
Moon and Pollution
Darkroom Double
Solace Sandwich
The Box Borealis
The Magnetic North
Alter Eagle
I know…
I Didn’t Look
The Lonely Quiet

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