Molly Dean Releases ‘A Natural Minor’ CD To The Audience Delight At The Icehouse — 3/3/2016


The Icehouse in Minneapolis was near capacity on Thursday evening. There was a definite buzz in the air as people ate, drank, and engaged in conversation, though most conversations revolved around the upcoming performance. A little after 9pm, Molly Dean hit the stage with a her CD Release performance. Molly’s new album, A Natural Minor, is a wonderful combination of style and grace, yet feeds the listener in a very eclectic way.


The evening performance was spot on and pulled the audience in from the very first strum of the guitar. The band, including classical strings, were sonically tight and delivered each song with extreme detail. Molly’s lyrics are simply beautiful and fascinating. Songs like Lock & Key and Fire Burned Bright were played with deep accuracy, much to the audiences delight. However, Molly is not just a fascinating lyricist, but is also one who understands how a simple chord change or a well placed conga beat can convey an idea just as easily as a well-written couplet. When she played The Natural Minor, the lyrics would almost come across as disjointed thoughts, but the musical combination of an echo laden guitar tone tied it all together. The tension created ends up bursting into a controlled tantrum of guitars, organ, and strings before she finally wrestles back control. The performance was a purposeful journey of artistic talent which was beautifully performed.

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