Mixed Blood Majority CD Release at First Avenue 12/11/2015


A week after the big Rhymesayers anniversary at Target Center, Mixed Blood Majority celebrated the release of their new album “Insane World” supported by GRRRL PRTY and P.O.S.

GRRRL PRTY started the evening going full blast as always. Lizzo was missing from the lineup having just played on Colbert the night before and dealing with her Grandmother’s passing. Each artist that evening led a big shout out to her. GRRRL PRTY did not let her absence impact the show. DJ Shannon Blowtorch, Sophia Eris, and Manchita pulled in the audience from their opening bars and never let go. A few songs in the brought out their collaborator Bionik, dancers, balloons and confetti.

Mixed Blood Majority played next. The trio composed of Joe Horton (No Bird Sing) and Crescent Moon (Kill the Vultures) and Lazerbeak (Doomtree & others). Their album has been getting rave reviews and their set demonstrated why. Horton and Moon worked well together at time sounding like a single emcee. Their songs had an edge and a raw feel l to them. Toki Wright made a guest appearance.

P.O.S. closed the evening with a strong set. The first song featured Crescent Moon providing a good transition. Once P.O.S. took over the experiencen performer played to the audience and his set felt quite personal. He mentioned that it had been a while since he played First Ave solo and remembered faces in the audience from coming to his shows for a while. He compared it to playing for a group of friends. His set included a journey into the audience.
One impression the night left for me was the collaboration between artists. Every performer has several projects going and working together adds skills and talent to make a group bigger than the sum of its parts. Overall a very enjoyable evening.