Mineral Mesmerizes a Nostalgic Turf Club


The polar vortex is dipping down into the Twin Cities and so are the frigid temperatures. I mean let’s face it Minneapolis. It’s cold.  Given the gloomy weather us Minnesotan’s have been dealing with the past week, I was personally feeling the need for some kind of release. Luckily, Houston emo band Mineral was in town at the Turf Club to quell my winter angst. Last night was just one of those nights where a heavy hitting, emotional rock show would perfectly fit the mood. Mineral (whom have not played in the Twin Cities for almost 20 years) delivered that and then a little bit more.

Now, before I begin my review of Mineral, I want to send out my regrets to opening act, Tancred. Between bad weather, icy roads, and Dinkytown traffic, I was not able to make her set. However, I’m more than positive that it was a good one. Hopefully TCM will catch you next time, Tancred!

Walking in the door of the Turf Club, I immediately scanned the room and observed the many people eager to see a band that has been absent from the scene for many years. Mineral is a band that originally started out as a short lived project. Their first run as a band only lasted 4 years, spanning between 1994 and 1998, however they are considered one of the “top dogs” of the emo world. The band has been pretty dormant until recently, as they have latterly broken their silence and rewarded fans with a 25th Anniversary Celebration tour and book late last year. With the band’s return, it was apparent fans were ready to see Mineral’s comeback to the stage.

This being a 25th Anniversary comeback show for Mineral, I was pleased to see they were playing a lengthy and robust setlist. When Mineral took the stage, they created a rich wall of sound. Their dynamics were tight and heavy. It was easy to see why they are so respected (and possibly underrated) in the emo-rock scene.

Halfway through the set, one fan poked at the band by saying, “Thank you for playing for the first time in 20 years! We were all here at that show. We remember.” This put a smile on all the member’s faces, as the audience chuckled.

“Thank you. The last time we were here we played in a house basement with pentagrams spray painted on the wall. That was pretty cool.” Lead singer Chris Simpson joked. The band then went on to play a handful of songs, ranging from hard rockers to slower, more melodic tunes.

Attending this show made me realize just how many people have an important, emotional connection to this band. Looking around, there seemed to be a vast majority of people feeling the music more than watching it being preformed live. Many people closed their eyes, bowed their heads, or just looked down to the floor, soaking in the music and living in the moment. Overall, the night was full of nostalgia, grooves, and good vibes. I walked into this show not knowing what to expect, but was glad I was able to embrace some of my winter blues with Mineral.

Hopefully it won’t be another 20 years before they return again.