Messer, Red and Lacey Sturm Tour to Stop at the Varsity Theater on 3-6


The weekend will certainly find it hard to compete when a show like the one coming to the Varsity Theater on Tuesday, March 6th is on the schedule.  The ‘Unstoppable Screams Tour’ will be making their Minnesota stop and I am excited to see all the bands on the tour in the larger venue.  I caught Lacey Sturm early last year and her shows are always very powerful and amazing.  It will be good to catch another of her shows this year.  I had the opportunity to photograph Red way back when POV’s was open.  It will be interesting to see how the band has changed over the years.  I remember the show being quite intense and I can imagine it will be similar this time around.

Righteous Vendetta is also another band that I’ve seen multiple times and they have a very energetic set. 

Starting out the night will be Messer (German for knife, not to be confused with Messner (priest’s helper)).  This Dallas, Texas based band is set to release their self-titled debut album on April 20th of this year.  Being Messer is the only band that is new to me, I am looking forward to seeing what they can do!

Doors are at 6:00 pm for this one and I’ve heard that the opening band will start right at or very close to that time, so make sure you get there early to catch all the bands.

Tickets available HERE

Messer’s cutting edge modern rock sound was born through serendipitous connections in the thriving Deep Ellum music scene of Dallas, an area that has given rise to iconic Hard Rock and Metal bands like Pantera, Drowning Pool, Hell Yeah, and King’s X. Dereak knew he wanted to pursue singing as a career while in High School in Iowa and started honing his chops with local bands. After high school he moved to Dallas to pursue his music career professionally. His first contact was with Dallas native Javier, who was making a name for himself playing in Jagermeister sponsored bands Mudflap and Pimpadelic. The two bonded at a show and became the genesis of Messer. While looking for a place to get his hair cut, Dereak walked into Maddox’s Hair salon on a whim. The two struck up a conversation about music and another connection was made. Kenny was traveling from his home in Canada to an audition in Phoenix when his car broke down in Dallas. He ended up staying in town and found success playing with the band Strangleweed, who made an appearance on the nationally televised Courtroom show “Eye for an Eye”. That caught the attention of the members of Messer, and Kenny became part of the family. Donnie was playing in various Dallas bands and gaining attention as an award-winning Tattoo artist. Maddox would play Donnie tracks the band was working on and in turn, Donnie would play music he was recording at his own home studio. As Messer continued to develop as a band, they knew they wanted to add an additional guitar player, and they all agreed that Donnie was a great fit. The lineup for Messer was solidified.


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