Matt and Kim at Mill City Night 5/22/2015


Some bands walk on stage, some reveal from a dark stage. Matt & Kim? Their entrance is like a flash bang grenade. The Brooklyn duo takes the energy from 0 to Mach 1 in 5 seconds flat and that’s only because it takes the audience 4 seconds to recover from the initial burst of light.
Since 2006 they have made a name for themselves with energetic live shows. Their music has roots in pop, EDM, hip-hop and the occasional punk influence. Matt & Kim take risks and are unapologetic about having fun. Their videos are unique and fully committed. I doubt anything they ever did was half assed.
Nothing half assed about their Minneapolis show either. This was their last show of a long tour and the duo seemed almost giddy with joy. Matt is no slouch on stage but Kim is simple a force of nature on stage. She seems to spend as much time on top of her drum kit as behind it and every single move relays that she is having as much if not more fun than the audience.
Mill City Nights was sold as soon as tickets went on sale. Fortunately for the Twin Cities Matt & Kim will be part of GoFest15 on August 7 for we are only weeks away from another jolt of energy.

Set List (pending confirmation)
Make a Mess
Lessons Learned
Don’t Slow Down
Hoodie On
Good for Great
Much Too Late
Can You Blame Me
Hey Now
Ten Dollars I Found
Get It
Let’s Go
It’s Alright

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