Mat Kearney Has The Hot Ticket At The FItzgerald On 2/4


Mat Kearney prepares to take over the stage at the Fitzgerald Theater on February 4th in show that’s sure to please. 

An Oregon native, Kearney has a unique style made up of hip hop and folk-pop. Kearney reached widespread recognition with the release of Nothing Left to Lose, which was his first album with Columbia Records. The City of Black and White (Revisited) Acoustic Tour is being used to promote the 10 year anniversary Revisited EP of Kearney’s wildly popular album The City of Black and White

Eli Teplin joins Kearney as the opener for this tour. Tickets are available HERE

“Two kids with wet cement living down in their souls, they say what gets carved when you’re young stays there when you’re old,” says Mat Kearney on the title track of his 4th full length album, JUST KIDS. “There’s something incredibly vulnerable about middle school for me,” says the singer and songwriter. “We’re really impressionable during that period. The cement’s still wet, so to speak, and a lot of things later in life are born during that season.”

Just Kids is full of nostalgia and youthful energy written almost as a love letter to his northwest upbringing in Eugene, OR. “A lot of my family has moved to Nashville, where I now live, which is awesome for me personally but it severed some the physical roots I had to Oregon. I found myself writing a lot of songs about my hometown and how it shaped me today.” While on the road promoting 2011’s critically acclaimed Young Love, Mat began to compile ideas for what would eventually become his latest offering. In fact, it was a fan favorite from Young Love, “Ships in the Night”, which kicked off the creative process for his new album. “Ships genre blending style really resonated with me and other people, and it became a touchstone for the new album,” he adds. “All of the songs on Just Kids stretched from it.