Mary Bue to release “The Majesty of Beasts” at the Icehouse on 5/12


When last we saw Mary Bue on a cold January night, she was headed to Taos, NM for a Wurlitzer residence. Now she’s back, armed with a new EP “The Majesty Of Beasts”, that she will release on 5/12 at the Icehouse with special guests Gabriel Douglas and Timbre Ghost. Tickets are still available HERE

“The Majesty of Beasts” is Mary Bue’s 7th release, thick with transformative events which occurred in its making. The content ranges from trivial, catchy pop- punk to harrowing personal hell. From leaving behind a broken dishwasher and a toaster oven in “The Shit I left in Duluth,” to feeling like an aging loser in a sea of hipsters at a bar in “Minnesota Goodbye,” Mary ventures deeper into environmental and humanitarian concerns in the title track “The Majesty of Beasts.” By far her most aggressive recording to date is “Petty Misdemeanor”in which Bue reveals to the public for the first time her experience of being a victim/survivor of sexual assault and the injustice/betrayal/failure of the legal system and close communities when dealing with this type of trauma (a portion of the proceeds of records sold will go to aid for supporting victims of sexual assault).

“The Majesty of Beasts” is Mary Bue’s first venture onto vinyl with a limited edition run of EPs. This album fit together like puzzle of numerous moving parts: a prize from Welcome to 1979 studios in Nashville’s Battle of the Bands, (where the EP was recorded), a career development grant from the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council, a successful crowdfunding venture with Kickstarter and a coming together and breaking up of a band of two years (not to mention a divorce and a move to Minneapolis). These four songs are a close companion in nature to 2015’s Holy Bones and is a sentiment to the depths Mary continues to plumb in her own personal heavens and hells as well as our society’s.