Martina McBride Packs the Verizon Event Center


Another Friday night show at the new Verizon Event Center and the second show brought in quite the crowd yet again!  Most of the seats were spoken for and filled up fast for Martina McBride on Friday, September 9th.  It was the first time in a while that I’ve seen a line forming before the show in Mankato!  It was clear that people were ready for a fun night.  Speaking of the crowd, here are a few photos.

Shelly Fairchild opened up the show.  Announced only a few days before the show that she would be playing, the Mankato show marked her second night opening for Martina.  From the reaction I saw throughout the crowd, she wowed everyone during her half hour set!  There were a few technical issues with the mic, but she quickly played that off and kept right on going.  Shelly Fairchild was a great choice to open up this show and everyone enjoyed her performance!

After a quick set change, the announcement was made that there was only 5 minutes left until Martina McBride took the stage.  Everyone hurried back to their seats and prepared themselves for the show to continue.  The first song started and the crowd went wild.  They got even more crazy once they saw Martina take the stage!  After the first song, she mentioned it had been since 2002 that she was in the area, so she wanted to make this night a good one.  It was clear everyone was having a great time as almost everyone was standing and dancing by the time the third song was done.  Just when I thought they couldn’t cheer any louder, Martina started playing the harmonica and everyone seemed to lose it!  I also liked that the crowd lights were turned on between each song so Martina could see them better.  It was an amazing show and I don’t think anyone walked away from the Martina McBride show unhappy!

All in all, this was an amazing choice for a second show at the Verizon Event Center!  The turnout was even better than the first show, with near to all the seats being spoken for.  Let’s hope Mankato keeps up this pace for live shows!

As always, get out and support live music and I’ll see you out there!