Marah in the Mainsail will celebrate the Release of Bone Crown at the Amsterdam on 10/7


Marah in the Mainsail is one of my favorite local bands to see live. Every time I see them, I leave the venue with a grin on my face and shaking my head at their intensity. The band has been hard at work on their new album “Bone Crown” and is about to celebrate its release at the Amsterdam Bar and Hall on 10/7. Tickets are still available HERE

Bone Crown is an 11 part concept album depicting the story of “the Rise & Fall of the Great Fox King”. The sound is large and epic in nature. Every second of every song has depth and intention, and every note is meticulously sculpted to add to the vastness of the music. Marah in the Mainsail’s live show is described as a “visceral” experience, whereas their studio albums are described as more cerebral and in depth. Straddling the line between high octane rock and roll, and slow burning cinematic ballads, both sinister and triumphant. Marah is bending genre lines, and crafting a new musical experience unlike anything on the market today. With influences in rock, orchestral and indie, all woven together to tell a narrative throughout the album. There are heroes and villains, a plot with many twists and turns, and musical cues that follow suit. This is more than just another album. This a meticulously crafted short story told through the medium of music.

The sound is dark and mysterious at it’s core. With layers upon layers of dynamic turns, from the hopeful highs of “Fox hole” to the guttural darkness of “the Great Beyond’. Between Durry’s true grit voice, and Mercedes tender subtlety, you’ll find a vast array of narrative and stylistic possibilities. With imposing and wild jungle drums, soaring brass horns, growling bass, and shimmering spaghetti western guitars, all blanketed under a sinister vintage organ. This album has all of the tools it needs to paint an epic picture, and Last Triumph Studios is what has brought out the most of all of these ingredients. Marah in the Mainsail set out to create something new. Something outside the industry standard. Something hard to define, but easy understand. It has been a daunting task, and Last Triumph has created a space of open creativity and experimentation, exactly what Marah in the Mainsail needed to create something they truly believe in. Marah in the Mainsail strives to bring the in-depth experience of the cinema and literature to the modern music scene. Please join us in this grand experiment of the arts.

Tour Dates:

  • 10/07/17 – Saint Paul | Amsterdam | 7:00PM | 18+
  • 10/11/17 – Chicago | GMan Tavern | 7:00PM | 21+
  • 10/12/17 – Akron | Musica | 7:00PM | All Ages
  • 10/13/17 – Pittsburgh | Smiling Moose | 10:00PM | 21+
  • 10/14/17 – New York City | Rockwood Music Hall | 11:30PM | 21+
  • 10/15/17 – Philadelphia | The Barbary | 7:00PM | 21+
  • 10/18/17 – Columbus | Fenders – 8:00PM | 18+
  • 10/19/17 – Louisville – Gerstle’s – 8:00PM | 21+
  • 10/20/17 – Indianapolis – Birdy’s Live – 8:00PM | 21+

10/21/17 – Iowa City – Yacht Club – 8:00PM | 21+