Mankato Got a Little With Wayland at The What’s Up Lounge


When I heard that 95.7 The Rock Station and The What’s Up Lounge were bringing Wayland back, I hoped the lift would be fixed for the band’s sake!  Wayland loads in quite a bit of equipment for their show and when I got to the venue, it was the same this time as well.  As for the crowd, it started out a little slow, but this was an earlier show and started almost 1 1/2 hours sooner.  The crowd did pick up as the night went on.  I got there a little late and the first band was already going when I got there, so I quickly got myself ready to get some photos!

BOH, or Bastards of Hammerdown, was playing and consisted of two of the members of Hammerdown.  It was quite a unique set with only a guitar and a singer, but the two of them kept the interest on them for the entire set.  The music sounded like something one would play at home while chilling out with friends and the atmosphere in The What’s Up reflected that.  There wasn’t anyone up by the stage, but everyone was sitting at their tables enjoying the songs that BOH was playing.  It was a great choice to open up the might!

Next up was a band that I have seen a few times now and two of the band members, Lantz and Jeremy, I have seen a lot in IV Play as well!  The Jeremy Poland Band took the stage playing a mix of upbeat original songs and a few slower songs mixed in.  All songs were from Jeremy Poland’s two albums and I’ll admit the newer material I hadn’t seen performed live yet, so it was nice that this was my chance!  The band was really engaging with the audience and tried to get the growing number of people excited about the show.  Again, everyone was having a great time, but stayed mainly in their seats for the set.  Always as fun time, The Jeremy Poland Band mixed well with the other bands playing and it was good to see them live again!

Wayland took the stage after about a half hour stage change.  People started to gather up by the stage now and I had the feeling some knew they were in for an amazing set.  If you haven’t caught Wayland live, you really are missing a high energy performance mixed with powerful songs performed by some of the nicest guys in the music business!  Right from the first song, you know you’re in for a treat.  I caught a glimpse of their setlist and noticed they changed to doing only their original songs this time around.  While it is always cool to see their rendition of “Whole Lotta Love”, by Led Zeppelin, I have to say I preferred the new set arrangement better!  Mitch gets so animated on stage that he was already dripping with sweat after the first song!  The crowd enjoyed every moment and responded by singing along, even with the new songs!  It was nice to see that.  All in all, Wayland’s set was different, but equally as awesome.  It was nice to catch up with them briefly after the show as well and I look forward to their return to Mankato!

As always, get out and support live music and I’ll see you out there!