You CANNOT MISS this amazing show at the Palace on May 3rd – M83 tickets can still be bought HERE! Opening acts are yet to be announced. 

M83 is a French electronic music project created by singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Anthony Gonzalez. The band’s music is known for its dreamy, ethereal quality, with sweeping synth melodies, ambient textures, and driving beats.

If you buy a ticket to this M83 show at the Palace Theatre in Saint Paul, you can expect a dynamic and visually stunning performance. M83‘s live shows are known for their immersive quality, featuring impressive light shows and visuals that complement the band’s music.

In addition to their trademark electronic sound, M83‘s live shows often incorporate live instrumentation, including guitars, bass, drums, and saxophone. Gonzalez himself is known for his engaging stage presence, often leaping around the stage and engaging with the crowd.

The Palace Theatre in Saint Paul is a historic venue with a capacity of over 2,000, making it a great location to experience a live M83 show. The venue is known for its impressive acoustics and elegant design, featuring ornate moldings and chandeliers.

Overall, this M83 show at the Palace Theatre in Saint Paul will surely be a memorable and immersive experience for fans of electronic music, with a blend of dreamy soundscapes and high-energy performances.

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