lovelytheband Sells Out Varsity Theater

Credit: Sean Donohue | Echo Images

I’m not going to lie; it’s been one hell of a week for me. Despite it being extremely busy, it was an amazing week filled with sold out concerts from some of my favorite artist. By the time Sunday night arrived, I was exhausted, and just wanted to wait for the latest episode of Game of Thrones to air! Somehow, I found a way to gather what little energy I had left to attend yet another sold out show for lovelytheband, who headlined Varsity Theater on Sunday, April 28th. I had never really looked too deeply into their music, but what I’ve heard on the radio has always been catchy and something I imagine I’d enjoy in person.  

The night started nice and early at 5:40 with the opening act, Jagwar Twin, LA-based rock group. I’ve never heard of them, but their style was right up my ally. I didn’t get to hear too much of them unfortunately, because set times were changed last minute and they ended up going on earlier than expected. However, what I did hear of theirs was awesome. Between the guitar solos that had all the crowd members reaching for the stage and the vocalist hitting all his notes with perfection, this band clearly knew how to open a show! 

Next on the line-up was Flora Cash, a Husband-and-wife duo whose songs are an interesting cross of indie folk and pop music. I’ve heard a few of their hits, and I’ve always thought their songs were very intimate and heartfelt. After seeing them preform live, I can clearly see why. Shpresa Lleshaj (vocalist) and Cole Randall’s (vocalist and guitarist) relationship on stage is so personable, it could give Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s Oscar performance a run for their money. Usually, I’m a rock n’ roll music sort of guy, but their set was a nice change of pace for me. Their music really forces you to slow down and analyze what the true meanings behind their words are. Over all, they were beautiful to watch live, and I’m sure Cole’s family whose family is from Minnesota and came out to see him and Shpresa, felt a very similar way.  

To end the night was the group everyone in the crowd had waited patiently to see, lovelytheband, a 3-piece pop-rock group based out of Los Angles. I was pleasantly surprised watching these guys play. Throughout their entire set, Mitchy (singer), Jordan (guitar) and Sam (drummer) were all performing at a high caliber treating this lazy Sunday night as if it were Friday at midnight. The fact that mostly everyone had to work the next day wasn’t going to let the show be a flop, and Mitchy made that very apparent to the crowd as he called out to the masses “I need you guys to stand-up because were at a rock concert… I’ll be calling you if you’re not standing, and it’ll be really awkward.” 

The trio played the songs off their album, Finding It Hard To Smile, flawlessly while throwing a couple of their oldies and new tracks into the set. With a pair of red neon lips glowing behind the band, my favorite part of the show was actually the lights that they had bouncing around the venue. (Don’t judge me, I have a thing for cool lighting) 

Despite my pure exhaustion, I had a fantastic time at this concert and as I walked out of the venue with the hordes of people who had also just witnessed an amazing show, I felt a natural adrenaline high come on that will defiantly help me carry on throughout this next week!