Lord Huron & Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats at the Northrop 5/31/2016


Tuesday night at the Northrop saw 2 great bands that worked hard to ensure dancing was happening in the audience rather than on the venue’s big stage. This was the opening night of a co-headlining North American tour. Starting the evening was Caroline Rose a singer-songwriter from Vermont. Her latest release “I Will Not Be Afraid” has received nice reviews and her set was lively with rockabilly guitar riffs and quite entertaining. She commented on how strange it felt to be playing while the sun still was shining outside.

Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats will be at Rock the Garden in a couple of weeks but that did not keep Tuesday’s show from selling out with quite a few fans just there to experience them. Rateliff has been making music since 2005 but has been propelled into the lime light after forming the band and the release of their self titled album in 2015. Starting the set with 2 current songs “I Need Never Get Old” and “Look It Here” they quickly introduced themselves to “new to them” audience members. Rateliff is energetic on stage always moving and his feet rarely remain in place. That energy is reflected by all band members and makes for a memorable show. He urged the crowd out of their comfortable seats for the last couple of songs. I for one am looking forward to see what the band can do outdoors.

Lord Huron composed of Ben Schneider, Mark Barry, Miguel Briseño and Tom Renaud augmented by a couple of touring members were the headliner. I noticed a few folks had left after Nathaniel Rateliff – well, they missed a very good set! Promoting 2015’s “Strange Lines” Lord Huron took the stage with an ambient intro complete with drone and bells. And from the first bars of “Time to run” the audience was on their feet and cheering. Some even left their assigned seats (shocking for Minnesota, I know). Singer Ben Schneider commented on how this was their first time playing the Twin Cities outside First Avenue and then said one of the coolest lines I have heard from stage: “But enough about me, here is another song!” Overall a great set by a band that blindsided me the first time I saw them last year, not being familiar with them at all and they have made their way into my heart and music collection since.