Lord Huron at First Avenue 4/26/2015


Considering the amount of concerts I attend, it’s rare for me to be surprised by the band. Lord Huron turned out a rather positive surprise. I had heard a couple of their songs on The Current but never made the mental connection between the song and the band. The led to a major:”Hey, these guys are good!” moment Sunday Evening.

Lord Huron has been together since 2010 and just released their 2nd full length album “Strange Trails” Their stage set up included an old vacuum tube radio (or a reasonable replica), a small zen garden and and a LED lit background, all of which made for great photo props. The band kicked off their set with “Until The Night Turns” and their upbeat music quickly pulled the audience in. Smiling faces all around.

Set List:
Until The Night Turns
Meet Me in the Woods
Lonesome Dreams
Dead Man’s Hand
The Ghost on the Shore
She Lit a Fire
I Will Be Back One Day
Way out There
Frozen Pines
The World Ender
Fool For Love
Ends of the Earth
The Stranger
The Night We Met
Time to Run

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