Lolo Zouaï Shows Us The Future At The Entry


Once again I found myself in the Entry knowing only a tiny bit about what I had gotten myself into again. When I got the invite to see Lolo Zouaï the day before,the vids and snippets I glimpsed looked interesting, so at least I would get out of the rain 🙂

I found a good sized crowd already for the first performer, Zaelyn. She just released her new EP “Weekend in Maine” last week. The power of her voice was impressive as was her stage presence. Turns out she came in 3rd on American Idol a few years ago before assuming her stage name, as Angie Miller.  The small stage barely could contain her energy and moves. As she put it: “We are a room full of strangers who love music. Let’s get lost in it”

Chicago’s Jean Deaux was up next. If you are curious about her name, forget about correct French pronunciation (I tried and failed) – try John Doe.

Her set was a very cool blend of modern soul with hip hop. And it certainly was the most interactive of the night. Fans were put to work for several call and response segments. Deaux has been called “one of R&B and rap’s most promising acts” and seeing her set certainly left me with that impression as well.

Speaking of labels: Lolo Zouaï in her bio is called  “The future sound of Pop”. Born in France, raised in San Francisco and now living in NYC she blends the style of those 3 cities. Clearly she’s used to larger stages than the entry, her lights, neon sculpture and video drop pretty much filled the stage. Good thing she was performing to tracked music (but clearly singing live) as there was little room for musicians.

Her appeal to fans was clear. The crowd at the Entry was mostly young women, but probably the most diverse I have seen there in a while. Hijabs mixed in more common fashion and nobody cared.

My personal challenge with modern pop it that similar sounding songs and artist just blend into one big ball of music. Lolo Zouaï did not present me with that task. I enjoyed her set, with “Beaucoup” being my personal favorite. Last night ended up a treat with 3 exceptional women artists who gave me a glimpse into the future of music. “The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades”

Set List: ?? / Challenge / Brooklyn Love / Chevy Impala / Caffeine / Blue / Here To Stay / Out The Bottle / Lose Myself / Summers in Vegas / Desert Rose / Beaucoup / Moi / High Highs To Low Lows