Local Bands, Amazing Music with Throw The Fight at The Cabooze on 3-3


There are a number of times when local bands get together to play a show.  I try to make it to as many as I can since I know the night will be full of music that I love.  Saturday, March 3rd at The Cabooze was one of these shows.  Throw The Fight, 3 Pill Morning, Common Choir, and Smiling Politely were the bands on the line up this night.  When I arrived at the venue, the crowd was a little smaller than I had expected.  However, by the time the show started, there was a good amount of people that had showed up and the number was still climbing.

Smiling Politely started out the night.  These guys were new to me and I always like checking out a new band!  They weren’t quite as heavy as the other bands at this show, but they certainly got the crowd started and ready for the rest of the night.  I was extra impressed when the singer announced that he was still battling a cold because it certainly wasn’t apparent before he said anything.  They had a bit of a quick set since there was a curfew for the show, but Smiling Politely was a nice addition to the show and the crowd certainly enjoyed their set.

Next up was Common Choir.  I was first introduced to these guys a few months back at The What’s Up Lounge in Mankato and enjoyed their set then.  This night’s show was no different.  They started out fast and strong and didn’t let up throughout the entire set.  About halfway in to their set, the singer from the band Ugly came out and did a song with the band.  We were then told that he was slated to take over singing as the lead singer of Common Choir was recently advised by doctors not to sing.  I’m not sure what the entire issue was, but the singer handled the entire set nicely and I didn’t notice any difference.  Common Choir finished out their set and left the crowd in amazement!

Now, 3 Pill Morning’s lineup seems to change each time I see them.  They have had a different drummer for previous shows and this time was the same.  However, each time there is always a local musician willing to pick up the spots that are needed.  The support between Minneapolis bands is something that always makes me smile.  Regardless of the lineup, the guys went up there and killed it.  My only complaint was the lack of lights coming from the front of the stage, but the performance more than made up for it!  I do like to see 3 Pill Morning whenever I can and judging from the crowd’s reaction, I wasn’t the only one.  The band had the crowd participating during the entire set, whether it was asking them to start a pit, clapping along, or simply putting their hands in the air.  3 Pill Morning put on the performance that I’ve come to expect and it was great to see them live again.

Finally, Throw The Fight took to the stage.  I’ve been catching these guys whenever I can since I first started concert photography, and each time the show gets better.  They kicked up the energy level in The Cabooze and had the crowd jumping and singing along throughout the entire set.  For some reason, the crowd seemed to thin out be the stage about midway through, but I noticed more people listening from the merch booths while they were getting shirts and other stuff.  The lights were also very dim coming from the front for these guys and I couldn’t help but wonder what effect that has on the people watching the show when I would imagine they wouldn’t be able to see the band that well.  It must not be that noticeable to those not taking photos though.  Throw The Fight kept it heavy throughout most of the show with songs like “His Blood My Hands” and “Drown With Me”, but they did slow it down for “Passing Ships”.  Of course, they had to play their cover of Cutting Crew’s “Died In Your Arms”.  Throw The Fight was a great way to end this night of great Minneapolis bands and the crowd didn’t want to leave even when the venue staff was yelling that they were closing!

As always, get out and support live music and I’ll see you out there!