Lizzo Brings in 2018 as Only She Knows How at Myth Live


Lizzo and friends threw a party this New Year’s Eve as I could never have imagined. I couldn’t have been more out of place or further from my comfort zone. Dress code, social “norms”, and my own set of expectations were all out the window in an instant when I walked in the door at MYTH. Within seconds I was in a sea of costumes, drag outfits, glitter, and glow in the dark everything. There were those who’d I would’ve pegged for school teachers and librarians, those who could easily be builders and those who looked as if they’d just came straight from their cubicle day job. Every race, religion, gender, orientation, and style under the son was present for this party. A night filled with excitement for the new year as ladies of the Lizzo party took stage and kept me on my heels for hours. And I loved every second of it. 

The openers were where the night began and I quickly began to realize that this was more than just a new years dance party for everyone in the room. I had little knowledge of Lizzo’s career or her fellow entertainers before doing some research after the show. If I had, I would have realized quickly that Lizzo, Cupcakke, and Brooke Candy’s following and their own careers are prided on being who you are without any misunderstandings or apologies.  Be happy, be true, be genuine, be who you wish to be and never feel shame or wrong in doing so. It took me the entire night at the show to put my finger on that fact. And my hat is off to them. Their passion is infectious and their enjoyment for what they do, though shocking to some, cannot be disputed.

After some life altering realizations the music began…

Cupkakke, where to begin. If you want an opener to set the tone for the night then Cupcakke nailed it. And every time I asked myself did she just say that? the crowd got that much more excited. I went from shocked to actually having to stop and look around as I got into a few of her songs to see that the crowd was loving every word of her set.  The song that got my attention, and the crowd for that matter, and I found myself sincerely getting into of all things… Spider Man Dick. Yup. I’ll just let that process and we’ll move on. Because if you’d told me I would be into a song by that title just hours earlier I would have laughed.

Of the opening acts my perhaps favorite, to the surprise of many reading I am sure, was Brooke Candy. I had to shelve half of the images I took of her set due to her what we’ll call “minimalist wardrobe”, but I wish you dear reader could have been there for it. She was quick to explain, for those who had not been prepared for her act, that she had made a stop at Sex World when they arrived in Minneapolis and she decided to wear her new attire that night. Among my many surprises with Brooke Candy was learning she had recorded a track with SIA, Living Out Loud. Great song by the way. Brooke’s stage presence, impressive, no other way to put it. Put aside her wardrobe and she’s still one of most crowd interactive performers I have seen. Stage presence, crowd interaction, and her feisty personality with no BS all added up to one bad ass woman. I may have to check out her next stop as a headliner to get the full experience.  

A few flashes and a couple drinks later Brooke exited and announced the pending arrival of the night’s star, Lizzo. At the stroke of midnight the sky released a storm of silver and white as Lizzo entered to her hit song, Good As Hell. This is a woman who knows how to make an entrance. She couldn’t have picked a better song to kick off her set and this New Years Eve bash. If I thought Brooke had stage presence, Lizzo raised the bar. Brooke is a whole lot of woman, I admitted to my girlfriend I was almost intimidated by her. Lizzo though, a whole lot of woman in her own was on her own level entirely. Beaming and excited to be on stage finally I don’t think you could have paid her to stop smiling. During her set she took a moment to share with everyone her realizations of 2017. One of which rang true for many including myself. Paraphrasing, Lizzo stated, selfishness gets a bad rap and people need to learn that to be good to others you must first be good to yourself. I can’t think of a better mind set to start the year than that.