Lizzo at First Avenue – 2/6/2016


Twin Cities’ Lizzo released her album “Big Grrrl Small World” back in December of 2015 but her crammed schedule did not let her celebrate the release in her home town until yesterday. First Avenue has been sold out for weeks in anticipation of Lizzo’s first time headlining the legendary venue.

DJ Sophia Eris started the evening with a 30 minute set teasing some of her new tunes and getting the crowd ready. The energetic set close with a remix of “Run the World (Girls)”

Lizzo took the stage with two backup dancers and started her set with “Ain’t I” “Big Grrrl Small World” confronts many of the stereotypes he is facing and she backs up her words with action. Lizzo’s picture should be the Wikipedia topic image for “empowered woman”. She makes to extra effort to direct her own videos with her collaborators to get them right and her presence in the Twin Cities music scene remains strong. She teams up with other musicians and singers and her songs cover a wide range of styles but always remain true to herself.
Her show was a victory lap run at full speed, she had a big smile of triumph on her face much of the time. She also paid homage to the artists she work with on her journey having GRRRL PRTY and Carline Smith join her on state. She slowed down for “My Skin” and closed the song by saying “We worked hard for the money, honey. I hope ya’ll don’t mind if I milk this now.”
A strategically place fan did wondrous, funky things with her hair. The show had a diva-esque quality (in the best possible way), showcased Lizzo at her best and was tons of fun to watch.
Set List: Ain’t I \ Betcha \ Ride \ Humanize \ Paris \ Bother Me \ BGSW \ The Fade \ 1 Deep \ The Realest \ En Love \ GRRRL Anthem (with GRRRL PRTY) \ Night Watch (with GRRRL PRTY) \ Poppin’ (with GRRRL PRTY) \ My Skin \ Jang A Lang \ Encore: Let ‘Em Say (with Caroline Smith) \ Batches and Cookies

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