Liz Phair And Soccer Mommy Show Indie Cool Spans Generations At The Turf Club


A few things stood out at last night’s Liz Phair show that were not directly related to music.

  • The range of footwear was dazzling – sneakers, high heels, some cowboy boots and one pair of flip flops worn with long black socks (and not by someone’s Dad!)
  • It was definitely a “Date Night” show for middle aged couples (i’m not judging – I’m past middle age 🙂 )
  • Opener Soccer Mommy had not been born when “Exile in Guyville” was released
  • There were folks who could not score a ticket standing outside the Turf Club to catch a bit of the show
  • This was probably a record for photographers I have seen at the Turf Club (I counted 6)

Starting the show was Nashville native Sophie Allison better known by her stage name Soccer Mommy. The first reaction from the crowd? A woman next to me “She’s wearing the same dress as I am!”.  She started her set with “Skin” and even though it was just her and a guitar – a fairly quiet setup compared to her usual band – she pulled in the crowd close to the stage quickly. Further back in the venue she was at times drowned out by people chatting but that’s the nature of the venue. Her set included a very nice cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire” and she closed with “Flaw”. I enjoyed her solo set and am looking forward to catching Soccer Mommy with her band in the future.

Hard to believe it’s been 25 Years since Liz Phair’s “Exile in Guyville” came out – 1993. The Twins could still brag about their recent world series win. Dan Cortese was actually on MTV and not just a returning joke for SNL’s Stefon. And “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was implemented. I’m happy to report that Liz Phair is still cool without trying. Jeans, sneakers and Pink Floyd T-Shirt she strolled on stage and opened with “Fuck Or Die” a song about AIDS. She let her voice shine with “Explain It To Me” and chatted with fans through her set. 

This tour was stripped down, but Liz Phair will be back this fall at First Avenue with her Amps on the Lawn tour – and guess what? It’s already sold out. My favorite quote? “I got my start doing Bedroom Songs, and that’s probably where I’m going to end up. In the old folks home going “Hey, check this out!” – so I think we have a shoo in for the title of “World’s Coolest Indie Grandma”.

Set List: Fuck or Die \ 6’1″ \ Explain It To Me \ Batmobile \ It’s Not That Easy \ Go West \  Soap Star Joe \ Ant in Alaska \ Girls! Girls! Girls! \ Help Me Mary \ Stradford on Guy \ Mesmerizing \ Polyester Bride \ Whip Smart \ Never Said \ Wild Thing   Encore: Fuck and Run \ Divorce Song