Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie Bring Their New Sound to Northrop Auditorium


So I finally got to see Fleetwood Mac! Joking, it was the closest I have come to seeing them though and this was a fantastic show to see Lindsey and Christine show off their new work and bring back some crowd favorites. Northrop, to no surprise of anyone there or at home, was fully loaded and the fans of who’d been there through the absence of Christine Mcvie, the hits of my parent’s generation, the return of Fleetwood Mac as a full band, and now the duo’s side project. It was strangely touching to see not only musicians who’d stood the test of time so well. But see their fans had lost little of their love for the music in so many years. 

Before I took to my photographing duties for the night I got the chance to sit in on the first songs of the night. Appropriately the first songs were from the latest album. Personally knowing the old sound of Fleetwood, though long before I was thought in my parent’s minds, I enjoyed Feel About You the most from the first songs. The track is very familiar to those who grew up loving Fleetwood Mac has a clear sound onto itself that Lindsey and Christine have made their own. 

Now, you can’t have two thirds of Fleetwood Mac on stage and not bring some of the oldies back. And fortunately, they brought back those which the younger fans like myself in the crowd were so eager to hear. Little Lies and Tusk were shockingly spot on to their studio sounds. Yes, there is some aging in the pair’s voices but it doesn’t stop them from nailing these songs. 

Returning to their newer work Lindsey and Christine talked for a few minutes with the crowd about the decision by Christine to return to Fleetwood and on their chemistry. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, but it was fascinating to hear the two artist discuss their worries before uniting while Christine was still in the UK. They had worries of chemistry fading and said not only were their worries ended when they got in the studio but they had more to contribute than ever. Red Sun is a good product of this new found chemistry. The song is undeniably inspired by the 70s and 80s which were pivotal to both musicians but even for a fan such as myself that doesn’t often dwell in the oldies, it’s a catchy song and the harmonies smoother than most of the music on the radio today. 

Closing the show out was a few more Fleetwood hits but the one many of us were waiting for came just before the encore. Go Your Own Way, one that despite a largely sitting crowd for the night, had everyone rise to their feet. It was like see an entire generation remember all at once and I nearly felt unworthy to be there. I mean really, I grew up knowing bands like Fleetwood, Doobie Brothers, Little River Band and others because my parents gave me cassettes. I was 20 years late to the party when Fleetwood was rocking across the planet. But none the less I was able to finally hear this song live and I gotta say Christine is a fantastic singer and performer. But, Lindsey tore up his guitar solos through this song and ever person in front of me was losing their minds as he stepped forward to play his trademark riffs.

For my first ever show with a couple music legends I have to admit I yet again feel I was born in the wrong generation. Not only that but that I missed out on seeing the frenzy which must have been something to behold. Lindsey and Christine are class acts there is no disputing it in my mind. And hearing them speak on their times with Fleetwood as well as their newest projects was fun to hear and very insightful to the creative process. I think it’s safe to say everyone is very happy they found their own sound and unlike many sequels of this nature, it didn’t flop but grew on what worked for them before. Now, if I can just see the whole band in the flesh I will die happy. Well, happier. 

New Comers Here’s some recommendations for you on the new album: Feel About You, Red Sun, Love is Here to Stay, and if you really don’t know Fleetwood Mac from the setlist below consult an elder. They’ll be happy to share as there are plenty to name, The Chain, among others. 

Setlist: Trouble/Wish You Were Here/Never Going Back Again/Shut Us Down/Sleeping Around the Corner/Feel About You/In My World/Too Far Gone/Hold Me/Little Lies/Tusk/Love is Here to Stay/Red Sun/You Make loving Fun/So Afraid/Go Your Own Way ENCORE: Everywhere/Lay Down For Free/Game of Pretend