Lil Baby Brings a Night of Quality Entertainment to the Myth


The persistent aroma of marijuana was immediately noticeable upon entry into the Myth. A sensory experience that is not entirely foreign to the venue, let alone at a hip hop show. A surprisingly young crowd filled the floor in front of the stage while the oldest in attendance made their way to the reserved balcony or lingered toward the bar in the back for Lil Baby’s show last night.

As with any hip hop show DJs were up first, mixing a good bit of old in with today’s top hits in the genre, occasionally using the microphone at their disposal to engage with and hype up the crowd. The first artist to hit the stage shortly before eight was Florida’s own Jordan Hollywood. His short but energetic set was enough to maintain the level of energy within the building and create some new fans in the process. Pacing from one side of the stage to the other or with one foot up on the monitor, Jordan rapped meticulously and intentionally sharing his story with those in attendance before finally drawing attention to his drummer who proceeded to solo while Jordan slowly ripped apart his drum kit.

Following Jordan Hollywood, a few locals took to the stage to perform a track or two but were gone almost as soon as they hit the stage. The support for these artists however was felt by all, everyone love a hometown hero. The next act to hit the stage for more than a few minutes was the viral sensation Blueface. The California rapper hit the stage smoking, with a chains on that would blind and a backpack that was reminiscent of a college student, though it was certainly worth more than some students pay for tuition. Playing all the hits that he has cultivated in the last few months he made sure to let the crowd know that he wasn’t too concerned if they weren’t fans of him personally as he was already rich. Despite this his fans were very very present. The screams from the ladies in the crowd both young and old made it clear that some had come for him and him alone, if you were unaware you might even mistake him for the headliner with the support he received.

As the lights dimmed for the next act, dancers took to the stage, four of them. The giant LCD screens behind them flashed videos of the man of the hour Lil Baby and it soon became clear that fellow Quality Control label mates City Girls were not playing tonight. The dancers were there for Lil Baby and he hit the stage to cheers galore. His production value proceeds him, with not only dancers but lasers, smoke confetti and all the bells and whistles. As he made his way through hits like Pure Cocaine and Drip too Hard the crowd became less a group of individuals and more so a collective whole, swaying from side to side. People in the front were singing, people in the back were singing along and even a few people in the bathroom were singing every word. Lil Baby has proven himself a force not only in the studio but on the stage as well, a bright star with one hell of a future.