Lights & The Mowgli’s with K. Flay at the Varsity Theater 11/28/2015


Saturday night brought 3 great artists to the Varsity. In the aftermath of the beating the Gophers took some upbeat music seemed just the right remedy. The evening also featured a couple of local non-profits near the merch tables.

Opening the night was alt rapper/hip hop singer K. Flay. We had the pleasure of covering her previously and her set was a bit more upbeat this time around which worked quite well. Her current album is “Life as a Dog”.

The Mowgli’s
California band The Mowgli’s were up next and brought their good time vibes with them. Their album ” Kids in Love” was released last spring. Their set engaged the audience quickly and had them singing along through the whole show. Their harmonies are their forte and with 4 band members contributing they were soaring. Closing with hits “I’m Good” and “San Francisco” they left the crowd more than ready.
Set List:
Say It, Just Say It
Slowly, Slowly
Bad Dream
Love Is Easy
Through the Dark
Room for All of Us
What’s Going On
Whatever Forever
Hi, Hey There, Hello
Shake Me Up
Love Me Anyway
Make It Right
I’m Good
San Francisco

The Canadian Singer has a pretty devoted fan base. TCM covered her earlier this year at Mill City Nights. Seeing her at the Varsity on a lower stage and closer to her audience was a whole other level. The intro was dramatic with the band semi hidden behind darkened screens. The first song “From all Sides” was played with only low background and strong side light silhouetting her for her audience. She tore the fabric off the screens revealing the band at the end. From there Lights moved around the stage getting close to her fans.
An acoustic set slowed things down only to pick up to an energetic finish with “Up we Go”.
Set List:
From All Sides
Muscle Memory
Same Sea
Acoustic Set:
Peace Sign
With Band:
The Last Thing on Your Mind
Running With the Boys
Timing Is Everything
Up We Go