Léon And Morgan Saint Wow A Sold-Out Fine Line


Tuesday night at Minneapolis’’ Fine Line was one that I had been looking forward to since the show was announced. Swedish songstress Leon has been on my heavy rotation for months. I first fell in love with the Stockholm-born singer/songwriter when I stumbled across one of her breakout singles Treasure. Leon has come a long way since that single first debuted almost four years ago – 2019 saw the release of her debut album You & I. The first time I saw Leon live was opening up for a fellow vocal powerhouse – Jacob Banks. Banks and Leon played First Avenue 7th Street Entry and Leon was ever bit captivating and charming then as she was last night at the Fine Line.

Opening up the evening was another singer/songwriter – Morgan Saint. At just 24 years young – Morgan Saint, like Leon, is making major waves in the music world. She’s been touring heavily in the past few years but this was my first chance to see her live. And she did not disappoint. Her raspy vocals filled the Fine Line, layered over her synthy and electronic driven sound. Morgan Saint is touring in support of her newest album Alien which was released last year via Epic Records.  Morgan Saint – again much like Leon – is an artist in every sense of the word. Morgan Saint discussed her record which she designed the artwork for herself. Her set was short and sweet but was the perfect way to kick off the evening. Expect plenty more from her in the coming months and years as well.

Leon took the stage to a sold-out Fine Line shortly after 9:00 pm and breezed her way through a roughly hour and half set which was nothing short of magical. It’s clear that Leon has continued to evolve and develop as an artist even since I saw her roughly a year and a half ago over at 7th Street Entry. Leon is one of those artists that truly feels like they only come along so often in a generation. Vocally – Leon is one of the most complex and talented voices to come around lately. She has the ability to toe the line between sultry and sweet, soft and gruff, delicate and powerful. Her vocals sweep you off your feet in a way that calls to mind other greats of our generation – Amy Winehouse, Adele. Lyrically – Leon’s music tells the story of love, loss and everything in-between. Her music is deeply personal, during her set she sprinkled in stories about the songs, a boy she fell in love with one summer who she knew was bad for her, waking up hungover and recording a song as a voice memo on her phone after a night of drinking too much. Maybe it’s the season of life that I am in, similarly to Leon, but her music continues to resonate with the deepest parts of me. I see my story in her music – which I think speaks to the magic of her songwriting. While she’s writing about her personal experiences, she does it a way that is so relatable. I find Leon puts into words emotions and feelings I don’t have the words for. And it was clear looking around the sold out Fine Line that I wasn’t the only one who felt deeply connected to her music. The room was full of people singing along to song after song. The magic of Leon is inescapable.

Leon is an artist in every sense of the word – she is a true performer, a show woman and songstress. She had the Fine Line hanging on her every word and the room was eating it up. I could have watched Leon all night but her set had to come to an end. I left the Fine Line more in love with Leon that ever. She is one to keep on your radar because I can only hope we continue to see plenty more from her in the coming years.

Her set featured Better in the Dark, Pink, Cruel to Care, Surround Me, Treasure and more.