Kishi Bashi weaves his web of music at First Avenue


Kishi Bashi the musical alias of Kaoru Ishibashi came to my ears attention when “Say Yeah” started playing on the current a couple of months ago. When I saw his show on First Avenue’s Calendar that one song was good enough to check him out – Spoiler Alert: I’m glad I did.

Chatting with First Ave’s house photographer before the show he told me that the more he listened to Kashi Bashi’s album the more he liked it, which peaked my curiosity. Starting the first three songs from the new album “Sonderlust” Bashi moved from keyboard to violin and his band quickly found their grove. I have to say the sound was not what I expected, it was lively, energetic and intricate. Heck it was danceable. The banjo put to use as a percussion instrument (and not that does not mean it was smashed on the floor).

I loved the many different elements that were incorporated in the songs. From celtic to something that sounded a bit like a cowboy hoedown to disco elements it all found a place. The music was a weave of all those elements and worked quite well. I found myself liking many of the songs and adding them to my playlist this morning as I processed the images. Overall a great show and if you have not checked out Kishi Bashi – DO IT NOW!!!

Set List: Statues in a Gallery / Hey Big Star / m’lover / Atticus, in the Desert / Carry on Phenomenon / Bright Whites / Who’d You Kill / Can’t Let Go, Juno / Say Yeah / Ode to My Next Life / Bittersweet Genesis / I Am the Antichrist to You / Who’d you kill / The Ballad of Mr. Steak / Philosophize in It! Chemicalize with It! / It All Began With a Burst Encore: Honeybody / Q&A / Manchester