Kimbra to Return to Minneapolis with new Material at the Cedar on 2/5


Hailing from New Zealand, Kimbra emerged onto the scene in 2010 and became a household band in 2012 after featuring on Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know.” Since then she has released critically acclaimed albums albums and worked with other impressive names. Her most recent album, Primal Heart, took years to create but was well worth the wait. The feeling of maturity and experience that is displayed throughout the album catches the listener off guard and soothes them all at once. “It reflects more of where I am at in my life,” Kimbra once explained. “It’s a stripping back of layers and an ‘openness’ that I felt ready to share: the central core that binds us.”

She will be performing at The Cedar on 2/5. Tickets are available HERE

Kimbra has very publicly been influenced by and connected with Prince, so the Twin Cities has always made it onto her touring schedules. Her upcoming show at the Cedar has been highly anticipated in light of her upcoming new music and the diverse lineup that she is bringing along.

Both KING and ARC IRIS are trios with unique sounds that cater to fans of all ages and know how to entrance a crowd. You can catch all three acts at the Cedar Cultural Center on February 5th, just after the madness of the Super Bowl comes to an end.