Kick Know How To Rock The Turf Club


As the winter season is upon upon us, there is no excuse not to take in some great indoor entertainment. Tuesday night was was a to take advantage of this as the Turf Club hosted a crazy ass night of rock n roll featuring Hazer, Lavender Daughter, and headliner Kick.

With a mad dash north from Iowa, Hazer rolled into town and took the stage by storm with a solid indie rock sound. This four piece band hammered home a great, straight-forward rock set. Their set was loud, energetic, and impressively delivered. Their unique use of voice boxing effects displayed a great style all their own.

Lavender Daughter kicked off their set with a mellow introduction and then quickly switched gears to drive through the rest of their set in true rock fashion. The four band, right out of the Twin Cities, got the crowd pumped up as they delivered a really cool indie surf grunge sound. This was no Beach Boys, grab the board and hit the waves surf sound. Their set was edgy, hard driving, and toyed on the rim of surf punk. Great delivery and musically tight.

When Kick hit the stage, all bets were off. This trio is hands down, solid rock. The energy, the drive, musicianship, and showmanship is off the charts. As I have covered Kick several time before, each time is uniquely different, but one thing is consistently clear, I am always impressed by the performance. And Tuesday was not any different. Their set made of up a great new tracks off their recent album ‘Tonight’ along with popular past favorites and even some unreleased new song thrown in. All were performed with a top notch fashion. The performance was excellent and rocked the house! Don’t delay … be sure to catch these guys live.