Keeping it 100 with The Hunna- An Interview


British four-piece The Hunna came through Minneapolis last Sunday, June
19th, and played a show at 7th St. Entry. The boys’ set consisted of
their signature “turn-up rock” and some slower jams, and it was apparent
that they were most definitely enjoying their first North American tour.

If you missed the show, no need to fret too much. Check out our fun
interview with The Hunna below and keep your eyes peeled for their new
album “100,” available August 26th.

You obviously are very active on social media. What’s your favorite
emoji? If you use snapchat often, what’s your favorite face filter?
Emoji: ?????✨
Snapchat: Every filters worth a go!

You’re no strangers to the long busy days of touring. Can you describe
your ideal day off? Do you have a restaurant chain or favorite store
that you guys always stop at?
Chilling out, listening to music, watching film maybe even a little bit
of Xbox, Fifa-Life. Where do we begin with food… We love our food! Has
to be Nandos, Dominos and GBK. If they’re near by we’ll never say no.

Other than meet fans and play shows, what are you most excited to do in
the United States during your first tour here?
We all wanna experience everything the US has to offer. 1Hunna % seeing
as much as possible! Looking forward to the OVO Store in Toronto,
meeting 300 Entertainment in NYC and partying with everyone in the

Any surprises in store for this tour? What can your *squad* expect and
look forward to at these upcoming shows?
Hell yeah there is! We have just finished recording our debut album 100
which is coming on the 26th August. So lots of new tracks we will be
performing for the USA.

Finally, you’ll be playing here in Minneapolis on this tour, which is
the city of Prince. I know you guys have said that he’s an influence of
yours. What’s your favorite Prince song? Have you seen his movie, Purple
Rain? If so, what’s your favorite part of the movie?
RIP Prince, the ultimate Squad-Boss. We have seen the film but it has
been a while since we have it. We love the tracks 1999, Purple Rain &
Gett Off. Best scene in the film from memory has to be the rain scene.