K. Raydio and Javier Santiago make for a soulful night at the Icehouse


Once again I found myself at the Icehouse on a late night ready to check out Twin Cities artists that I had heard off but had not connected with – and as it turned out it was a good thing I did, as it will be while before I can catch one of them again.

Starting the night was Javier Santiago. I was running late from another gig, but when I walked into the Icehouse I found the audience firmly in Santiago’s grasp. Turns out one of the “friends” listed on the bill was Proper-T. The music was soul but the jazz influences were quite evident through the set. Proper-T had the audience shout of their favorite soul singers and then struck a cover of Marvin Gaye’s “I heard it through the Grapevine” that felt more like a loose, jazzy interpretation than a straight cover. It changed the well known song quite a bit and I myself enjoyed it quite a bit.

K. Raydio is the stage name of Krysta Rayford, and Friday’s show was the 2nd installment of “K. Raydio and Friends” series. It also marked the start of a creative hiatus for her making me doubly glad that we could catch up with her.  The set started with “The Back Wall” enticing one fan in the crowd to shout “Yes, Yes, YES” – her favorite I guess.  The musicians supporting her were Joe Christensen, Javier Santiago, and Miguel Hurtado. She performed “Proof” acapella stripping the song down and giving it a very intimate, vulnerable feel.  Her set included a cover of Kanye West’s “Street Lights” as she put it “for those that still have an appreciation for Kanye”. 

K. Raydio’s set showed blended several styles and while it felt quite modern, the jazzy trumpet and soul undertones clearly showed the roots. All in all, a very enjoyable Friday night. I found two more local artists whose shows I will need to keep my eye out for.

Set List:  Back Wall / Jupiter / Proof / Slow Jams / Street Lights / Aurora / Perhaps / Late Bloomer / Love Crimes