K Flay to headline the Fine Line on 11/9


On “Blood in the Cut” — the moody and magnetic lead single from her new EP Crush Me — K.Flay turns emotional damage into unlikely transcendence. “It’s about inundating yourself with feelings of pain and angst, and how that can be its own form of power,” says Kristine Flaherty, the L.A.-based artist who made her debut as K.Flay with a series of releases in 2010. “The songs on the EP revolve around the idea of a person or a force seeking to crush you or hold you down, but there’s a defiant energy to them — like, ‘Yeah, go ahead and try.’”

We have covered her several times and always have been impressed by her show. No surprise her current tour is selling out venues. She is back headlining a show at the Fine Line on 11/9 supported by Nightly and Missio. Tickets are still available HERE