K. Flay crushes the Fine Line


K. Flay has never been one to be limited by music genres. She identifies as a rapper and has shared the stage with Snoop Dogg but is equally at home at Vans Warped Tour and her live shows draw from a large range of fans. Her latest EP “Crush Me” was released this summer. Her Tour by the same name had her headlining the Fine Line yesterday.

Alt Electro duo Missio opened the show supported by a drummer. The Austin band’s singer was a bit shocked by the fall chill (wearing a hoodie on stage and commenting about the cold). Their set had a chill vibe with good energy. At one point, there was a chorus about “Darth Vader with a motherf******g kick drum, then a enthusiastically used cowbell and their short set ended with “Middlefinger” – the happiest protest song I have heard in a while.

Nashville’s Nightly was up next. Their impressive light set up (for an opening band) did not go unnoticed: “I love your lights” came a shout from the audience between songs. Their sound was light and poppy and got great response from the crowd. The band complimented Minneapolis on being the best dressed audience they had seen so far. The band has been creating quite a buzz in Nashville with their single “XO” that closed their set.

This was my third time seeing K. Flay and I enjoy her new material quite a bit. It is always interesting to see an artist’s growth and changes in their live performance. This one started quite energetic and with a spoken word intro. The side LED lights and smoke worked well to highlight her as she moved all over the stage. Her stage presence keeps her close to the audience and she’s quite relatable. The crowd was female heavy but a good smattering of guys mixed in that did not look unhappy to be there :).
She dedicated “Dreamers” the Tuesday’s election stating that is was about feeling hopeless. Overall a impressive set that resonated well with her fans.