Judah & The Lion Dance Their Way Into The Palace Theatre


What was supposed to be a fairly quiet week for me turned into a whirlwind thanks to last minute photographer changes, so I found myself again on my way to a show I had not planned on. At least this time I had a clue who the headliner was. I had covered them a couple of times in the past.

Boston’s Tall Heights started the evening. Their set was fairly calm with some more lively elements (including a brief bit of “Feliz Navidad” worked into a song). Any band that can include a Cello in their lineup, gets a thumbs up from me. “Fire Escape” was introduced with a mention of many at the Palace Theatre.

Set List: No Man / River / NLIW / Fire Escape / Cross My / Spirit

Colony House’s set increased the pace. Often opening bands play the audiences who are not familiar with them. In my case, the band’s name did not ring a bell but the first song certainly did “Oh, it’s THOSE guys!” – I think many in the crowd had the same reaction. That’s not saying there were not a good amount of their fans in the crowd. I had a chuckle observing two female fans in the balcony singing and dancing with their boyfriends still in their seats looking a bit bewildered (it could have been a grumpy gay couple, not judging, just reading facial expressions here). Overall a nice set and good progression towards the headliner.

Set List: Silhouettes / Cannot Do This Alone / Light Out / You & I / Lonely / Moving Forward / Waiting For My Time To Come / You Know It

It’s been a couple of years since I saw Judah & The Lion last, and let’s just say that they’ve had a hit or two since then. They have been no stranger to the Twin Cities playing the Myth and headlining First Ave, but being top billed at the pretty full Palace Theatre must have felt nice. I was a bit surprised at the crowd was more, uh “mature” than I expected. I’m no spring chicken myself, so no judging. I was just positively surprised to see Judah & The Lion having appeal to a wide range of ages.

The lights dimmed and an into with inspirational quotes from JFK, MLK and others played. Then the band took to the stage with a walk on that would have done the Backstreet Boys or NSYNC proud complete with dance moves. Their set was very interactive with their fans, from declaring “There is no you and us, Tonight we are ONE” to splitting the crowd into team Beard and team 5 O’Clock Shadow their connection with the crowd went way beyond music. Of course there was the accordion and a plethora of banjos (with photo proof), but their vibe has moved a bit more pop, which for live performances works quite well. Fans kept the cheering and dancing (where room was available) up through the whole show and everyone was all smiles at the end.

Set List: Booty Wurk/Twenty-Somethings / Hold On / Kickin’ da Leaves / Conversations /  Reputation / Mr. Brightside / Back’s Against the Wall / Our Love / Suit & Jacket / Green Eyes / Going to Mars / Rich Kids / Take It All Back 2.0  Encore:  Lean on Me / Water