John Hodgman at the Cedar Cultural Center – 9/27/2015


John Hodgeman’s sold out show at the Cedar was an education on East Coast culture.  Vacationland is a string of anecdotes about growing up in rural Massachusetts, North Eastern vacation homes and a general distaste for Maine. His NPR-like voice often began jokes in his impossibly genuine tone, but the punch lines were delivered with a low and aged rumble. The set’s constant wit and stimulating storytelling made the night an all around fun experience.  Hodgeman is also among the talented comedians who can have mature humor without being snobby or pretentious. We got a rare in-depth look at John Hodgeman. The personality quirks that were revealed were relatable and added lots of dimension to the father, author and comedian. Much of the show was about his personal growth as well. He seems to be transitioning from young and uninhibited to mature and more profound, because he is neither here nor there and that is where much of the humor comes from. Hodgeman’s tour is about half way over as it makes its way west where it ends on November 7th at Ohio University. Keep up with the author, comedian, humorist on his website here.

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