Joe Bonamassa heads back to MN for 2 nights at The Orpheum Theatre


The guitar event of the year is back again! Joe Bonamassa will take over Minneapolis for two nights at The Orpheum Theatre, March 13&14. Bonamassa is known for being a guitar virtuoso, and his blends of rock and blues has captured millions with their mouth agape. With a wide variety of albums and sounds Bonamassa has proved he is a force. During his upbringing he played with many of the greats, even opening up for BB King several times before he was 20. Bonamassa has never stopped, during his Royal Albert Hall show, Eric Clapton came out and jammed a tune with him. 

Bonamassa has started everything himself. He is the head of his empire managing everything. It is all about what Joe wants to do and no one stands in his way. He is a real musician making an incredible life. Bonamassa has released his 13th solo studio album “Redemption” which received high praise. He has also just released a new live album “Live at the Sydney Opera House” which also received rave reviews. Two albums a year is nothing to this man. If you combined all of his projects together, this last live album is album number 42. He simply doesn’t stop and shows no sign of stopping. Tickets are running low so grab yours while you can!

Show: 8:00pm

Tickets 3/13: Here

Tickets 3/14: Here