Jimmy Eat World Delights at the Skyway Theatre


There was no shortage of shows on Saturday, December 3rd in the Twin Cities, and Jimmy Eat World was one of those shows.  It has been a while since they were last here and judging from the nearly packed Skyway Theatre, there were plenty of people that had been waiting to see them live.  It seemed there was a contest for the opener of the show, which is why there wasn’t one announced earlier.  However, Oklahoma was chosen to start out the show.

Oklahoma is a Minneapolis based Indie Rock band and even though I wasn’t familiar with them, it appeared that there were many that did know them.  Most in the front were singing along and in between songs the “You Rock” being yelled showed there was support for them.  They had a good mix of slow and fast songs and kept the discussion going between songs.  It was quite apparent they were happy to have been selected to open up the show.

After a quick stage change and an introduction, Jimmy Eat World took the stage.  Their setup included 4 street lamp like lights and plenty of other lights that brightened up the stage as they played!  They started out fast and kept the pace going for quite a few songs before breaking to talk to the crowd and slow the pace down every now and then.  They played a bulk of their songs from “Bleed American”, “Futures”, and their new album, “Integrity Blues”, but they also threw in a few from other albums.  It was really cool to see the entire crowd singing along with every song and having a great time!  I actually ended up staying for the entire show since I knew “The Middle” and “Sweetness” were on the list for the encore and you can’t see Jimmy Eat World live without hearing those songs!  I was really glad that I was able to cover Jimmy Eat World and I look forward to the next time they are in this area!

Another show down and one closer to the last one for 2016.  I’m looking forward to a fun and exciting 2017!  As always, get out and support live music and I’ll see you out there!