Jeremy Zucker Wants YOU To “Comethru” First Avenue On 11.10


Jeremy Zucker and Babygirl will bringing the “MORE NOISE” tour to First Avenue on November 10th and you have to join us because your heart will be moved like you’ve never felt before. Tickets are still available HERE; So, what can we expect that night? 

For starters, Jeremy Zucker has been healing our emotional wounds with his heart-gripping jams since 2015. There are so many ways to explain why the emotions and romantic vibes will be pouring this evening, but if I can use one solid piece of evidence – This. Besides one of the best cuddle songs I’ve found in years, Jeremy will be highlighting his most recent album Crusher that just came out in October. Jeremy’s sound can be described as “indie pop” and “electronic” when it comes to genres, but HappilyCryAndDrinkWine is how I would personally categorize his vibe. 

Joining Zucker will be the artist Babygirl; Babygirl is self-proclaimed as “a band from Toronto, Ontario” but beyond their Spotify bio, we know them as a pop-rock band that will be looking to show off their most recent EP Losers Weepers and single Million Dollar Bed. You can dive into their hits and platforms HERE to get prepared; That song may also get you in the feels – you’ve been warned. 

I, for one, am ready to cry with Jeremy and Babygirl; So don’t miss out on a sobbing writer and amazing music on November 10th!